From the very beginning we knew that Memo had to have a conscience. Doing so meant ensuring all of our products and packaging needed to be free from plastics as well as responsibly sourced from the UK. Where possible we use recycled materials, and all of our stationery is entirely recyclable. We're always on the hunt for more environmentally-friendly alternatives, like our beautiful ribbon some of which is now made from recycled plastic bottles. That is not to say that our work is complete. Our commitment to sustainability and to our planet is a work in progress. We're continuously making both adjustments, both small and large, to reduce the environmental impact we have on our world. We’ll be sharing our journey along the way, and if you have any questions please ask - whether as a customer or fellow small business. Treading lightly on our earth is a shared goal - and working together is when we can affect truly meaningful change. 


Personalised stationery pale pink calligraphy hand made in London England