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Article: Colours



Memo's stationery is all about beautiful colours. There are ten to choose from, to be mixed and matched to find your perfect combination. All of our stationery whether note cards or writing paper comes in sets of ten which means you can change your mind as often as the mood strikes. Here are some of our most favourite pairings, for now. 
First up...
Olive & Ballet: this delicate shade of nude pink is one of our most popular colours, matched with Olive, an earthy shade of green strikes the perfect balance between feminine and grounded.

 Next we have...

Cotton & Nubuck:  A neutral shade of dusky brown balances perfectly with our traditional shade of ivory. This classic pairing feels weighty and modern.

 And finally...

Lake & Russet: the brightest of our shades, paired with a cool tone blue. We love this bold but timeless combination.

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